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Posting Rules, Guidelines and Etiquette


Managements Commitment to You and This Site.


It is our commitment to make this board the most enjoyable and informative board of its type in the country.  In order to do that we need to strike a balance between your desire for a free exchange of ideas, opinions and information - and our need to keep things civilized and safe for all of us.


This board was founded on a principle that everyone is welcome here and that we want you to share your thoughts with us.  While we were a small, local board, this worked out well.  As we grew into a regional board and our population quadrupled, we needed to impose some restrictions that were never necessary until then.  Now, as we sit poised to become a National board and compete against the 'big boys' we need to be more and more 'politically correct'.  For most of you, this is not an issue.  You always were and always will be responsible posters.  But some people just can't 'work and play well with others'.  It is for this small minority of people that these rules are necessary.  99% of you can do just fine remembering one simple rule.  Post like ladies and gentlemen.  For the rest of you, there are the rules.


It is the position of Management that this site and this board needs active participation by the ladies.  We believe that having lots of ladies posting and advertising here is a key ingredient necessary for success. To accomplish this goal it is absolutely necessary to provide the ladies with an environment where they can feel safe and welcome.  Where they needn't worry about unwarranted personal or professional attacks.


Accurate, unbiased reviews ---  yes.     Flames and personal attacks --- no.


To carry out this duty requires us to make rules and decisions that, in general, are fair and balanced, but are also mindful of the ladies needs, in particular.  At the time of this writing the ratio of men to women is approximately 25 : 1.  To 'even the odds' a bit, you'll find that we are doing what we can to prevent the type of online behavior that can keep girls from visiting and posting on this board.


As you read through the rules and guidelines below, keep in mind that we are trying to make this board as inclusive as is possible,  everyone is welcome here as long as they can adhere to the rules below.


Thank you


The Management Team



General Information

The Mods

This board is moderated by a team of individuals called 'Mods'.  These people are responsible for reading the posts that are submitted to the board and determining whether or not there are any violations of the rules.  Hundreds of posts are submitted every day.  Keep in mind that all of the Mods volunteer their spare time to perform this vital function.  As such, they cannot be expected to catch every infraction in 'real time'.  Sometimes a thread will get 'out of control' before it is noticed by a mod.  In other cases, troublesome posts will 'slip through the cracks' and remain up on the board for awhile.  You can help.  In the lower left of every post box is the Report button.  Use it to get prompt attention from the Mods.  Please realize that what you think may be a violation of the rules, may not be considered as such by the Mods.


Posts can have real impact on real people

As you read the rules, some of you may say to yourself: "Geez, this is a message board, why take it so seriously? Management really needs to lighten up".  On many boards that would be correct.  However, on this board things that are written can - and very frequently do - have serious and real impact of the lives of actual people. 


Some posters think that a board like this is their personal playground and they can say what they want.  For a long time this board had very few enforced rules and that kind of thinking would create real problems for people trying to enjoy themselves or earn a living. 


Please keep in mind that our objective is to make this a fun, safe place for everyone to enjoy. But in order to do that, we need to be strict in our policies and diligent in our enforcement to make sure no one gets harmed by anything that someone else writes.


The 'Sniff Test'

In many cases the interpretation and execution of these rules depends on the judgment of the Mods of this board.  In almost all cases they have the final say in what is deemed to be an infraction of the rules and what is acceptable.  In general, the Mods will apply the rules fairly and evenhandedly.  Keep in mind that decisions are not always based on the content of a post alone.  For example, a poster who constantly causes problems will typically have his / her posts scrutinized more closely than someone who is not a problem.  In some cases a poster may have a longstanding feud with someone else.  If one of them makes a slightly irritating post aimed at the other and a Mod deletes it, a casual observer might wonder why the post was deleted. But the mod was just preventing a bigger problem because they knew of the feud and the observer didn't.   


Some threads are more heated than others and require swift action by the Mods.  Some days are more hectic than others.  Also keep in mind that there are frequently 'behind the scenes' reasons for taking an action or not taking an action.  Please give us the benefit of the doubt that there is a good, valid reason for the decisions that are made. 



Proactive vs. Reactive

Whenever possible, the Mods will take measures to prevent a problem from occurring instead of just cleaning up the problem once it does happen.  Historically, certain behaviors can be reasonably predicted to cause problems.  Like many other things, this usually comes down to a judgment call on the part of the Mods. 


This kind of action can cause frustration on the part of some posters.  That is regrettable.  The thinking is that since we can't be here monitoring the board 24/7 that sometimes it's better to prevent a potential problem than wait for it to become a bigger problem and then do something about it.


Rest assured, the Mods will use great discretion when considering this kind of action. 



Posts Become The Property of the Board

Once a post is made, the contents of the post become the property of the owners of this site.  The author is granted temporary rights to edit or delete the post.  These temporary rights extend 30 minutes from the time of the post.  Management  is under no obligation to remove or edit any posts after that time.  However, we will consider any emergency requests for a small number of specific posts to be removed if the original author can demonstrate sufficient reason for such deletion.


Posting Do's and Don'ts


Any post can be deleted at any time for any reason

The Management of this site reserves the right to delete any post or group of posts at any time as they deem necessary or desirable. The management may, it's is sole discretion, advise the authors of deleted posts as to the reasons for said deletions. Such notification, if made at all, may be made publicly or privately. As a general rule, posts will not be deleted unless, in the opinion of management, there is a good reason to do so.


It is necessary for us to have this authority  because there will always be posts that pop up that are deserving of deletion or editing but somehow fall into a 'loophole' in that there is no specific rule prohibiting the post at that time.


Little things becoming big things

In some cases an explanation will be given when a post is edited or deleted.  However, in most situations NO explanation will be given for the action taken.  One reason is because an explanation why a particular post was deleted would create some of the same problems that would have happened if we had left the post on the board in the first place.  So it defeats the purpose of deleting the thread


Sometimes when a thread or post is deleted other threads pop up "Where did the ----- thread go???"  This kind of thing is not permitted for the same reason that was described above.


Flames and Attacks

No posts will be permitted that, in the opinion of management, are personal attacks of any type.  This includes, but is not limited to, posts that can be considered: flames, threats, attacks, provocation, jabs, racist ,  mean-spirited, unfounded, libelous, suggestive of an illegal activity, rude, demeaning, degrading, or just plain bad taste.  Please be careful when making light-hearted 'jabs' at people.  Very often a 'joke' to one person is an 'attack' to another.  A certain amount of 'back and forth' between posters will be permitted - even encouraged.  It's a judgment call on the part of the Mods.  In other words, we will allow 'lively exchanges' between posters but the Mods have complete authority to determine which posts are 'over the top' and need to be edited or deleted. 


Threats of physical violence as well as other types of serious threats will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.  People who make threats against other Members will likely face permanent banning and other consequences as the situation merits.


Idle Speculation and Theorizing

Please refrain from making posts that contain opinions that are speculative in nature, especially if those opinions have a potential to cause harm, injury, or embarrassment to any other Member of the board.  This is a 'gray area' kind of rule because it is impossible for management to separate 'fact from fiction'.  On a case by case basis, the Mods may allow speculation to remain on the board.  Or it may be edited or deleted.  In some cases the author may be asked to show proof of their claim.  Upon submission of proof, the Mods will take appropriate action depending on how convinced they are by the proof offered.


Examples of posts that may be problematic and will be scrutinized closely by the Mods:

"I heard that ... "


"Everyone knows ... "


"It's common knowledge ... "


"Someone told me --- but I can't tell you who they are ..."


"On another thread I read that ..."


"They have a reputation for doing that ..."


We realize that often these kinds of statements are correct and truthful.  Unfortunately, sometimes they're not.  The problem for us is how do we determine what is true and what isn't?  This will be left up to the discretion of the Mods.  They are instructed to err on the side of caution and delete these kinds of posts unless they have specific knowledge of the veracity of the claims made in the post.  Even then it's almost always going to be a judgment call. 


It is expected that when a mod deletes or edits such a post that the author - and everyone else -- will accept the mod's actions and move on.


False Information

Posts that are known -- or thought to be - false or intentionally misleading on matters of importance will be deleted and the author will be subject to consequences.  Of special concern is the posting of overly negative - or sometimes overly favorable - reviews of an escort or body rub girl.  This practice undermines the very core of the credibility of the Review Forum. The posting of false or misleading information can have real life consequences for people and all too often those consequences are not good.  Please post responsibly.  If you think something is a 'fact' and publishing this 'fact' has the potential to harm someone, then please reconsider and refrain from making that post. 



Unlawful or Illegal Acts

No references to explicit or unlawful acts are permitted.  Example:  It's OK to discuss or describe an intimate encounter even if it's totally fictional.  It is NOT OK to say that money changed hands.  If you're not sure if a post falls into this category, don't make it.



Discussion of Rates Charged

Historically, posts that dealt with a girls rates would sometimes get quite heated.  Especially if the rates she charged were considered high by the person making the post.  It is the position of management that the rates charged by any advertiser are off-limits for discussion in the context of whether or not the rates are reasonable or not.  If someone inquires about n advertisers rates, then that is OK.  Just don't make any posts that express your opinion about those rates. The best way to express your opinion is to patronize the advertiser or not, accordingly.


Attached and linked pictures:

 We realize that this is a site frequented by adults. We also realize that there are a series of laws both at the state and federal level that regulate adult sites. Linking to or uploading pictures will be allowed with certain reasonable restrictions:


--- At the discretion of the Mods, pictures of an overly graphic nature or displaying or depicting male genitalia will be removed.


--- Pictures, uploaded to our server that are known to be copyrighted or are likely to be copyrighted material will be removed.  Since it is not always easy to tell what is copyrighted or not, the Mods will exercise their best judgment.  Linking to a copyrighted picture on another site doesn't eliminate the risk of a copyright problem.  If the site hosting the picture has rights to do so then linking to them is probably OK, although it is not always possible to tell if this is the case or not.


--- Linked or uploaded pictures that are larger than 600 Pixels wide by 600 pixels high will not be permitted.


Discussion of Management

 In general we will not allow posts that discuss the actions or policies of Management or any member of the Management team, which includes the owners, Mods, and Programmers.  Such discussions have historically contained false claims and assertions and have no place on the Board. The Board is not about the Management, it is about the ladies.  Frequently these threads consume an inordinate amount of our time. 


If criticism of Management were permitted, there would undoubtedly be abuses of the privilege.  Accusations would be made just for sport.  No doubt, there would be legitimate criticisms, too.  Unfortunately it is the unfounded complaints and assertions that make it necessary to have this rule.


All Members are encouraged to communicate with Management if they have a concern or question.  Such communication should be made privately, though but not on the messageboard.



Advertisements: Female Escorts, Body Rub Girls, TS/TV/BDSM/FETISH

 All ads are expected to be discrete in their wording and cannot make any reference to illegal activities. 


With the exception of Body Rub girls, all fees paid are for companionship, modeling, dancing and/or role-playing only.


Do not attach or link to any image of a graphic sexual nature.  Topless photographs are permitted as are tasteful bottomless photos.



Independent Escorts:

 Independent escorts are allowed to post one ad per 12 hour day-part.  (two per day)

Day-part 1: 12:01 AM - 12:00 PM

Day-part 2: !2:01 PM - 12:00 AM


Advertisements must include the rates for a one hour date in the girls local area.  Rates for out of the area or multi-hour dates need not be listed.  But it is recommended to do so


Escorts that also do body rubs may place a COMBINED total of two ads per day.  One per 12 hour day-part.



Agency Ads

 Escort agencies that pay for advertising on this site may post two ads per 12 hour day-part (four per day)

If you are an agency owner or know one who would like to advertise here please email or PM me for rates and any current specials.



Sometimes groups of independent escorts band together to create a 'co-op' where they share advertising and other expenses.  These arrangements can be quite beneficial to the girls involved.  However, a co-op can look and act much like an agency to the casual observer. 


Co-ops may advertise here but are required to pay for their ads.  Most co-ops will be eligible for reduced rates.  Please contact me for more info.


All advertisements for escorts must have the VIP Discount. 

Click Here for more info


Body Rub Girls and Agencies

Body rub girls are allowed to post one ad per 12 hour day-part.  (two per day)

Please make sure to post your rates.


Do not use the word 'massage' in your ad unless you are licensed as a massage therapist.

Body Rub girls that also escort may place a COMBINED total of two ads per day.  One per 12 hour day-part.


Questionable Entities

Any ad that is questionable as to the true individual or entity involved in making or profiting from it may be edited or deleted at the discretion of the Mods.  This is necessary to prevent escort or body rub agencies from posting deceptive ads so as to avoid the advertising fee charged on this site.


Sexual Orientation

When we switch to the new software, If an individual wishes to advertise in the Female Escort Ad forum or the Body Rub Ad forum they will be asked to attest that they were born a female.  In all but the rarest cases, this attestation - which will be a check-box on an online form - will be sufficient.  If a situation arises where the birth gender of an escort/body rub girl is legitimately called into serious question, the person may be asked to offer proof of their birth gender if they wish to continue advertising on this site. 


Any transvestite, transsexual  -- post-op or pre-op -- or cross-dresser that wishes to advertise here may do so in the TV/TS forum


Male Escorts

Presently we do not allow ads or listings for male escorts by themselves.  If a female escort wishes to work with a male partner, she may include him in her advertising posts.



Competing Websites

No postings or advertisement are allowed for any other message boards, message board sites, any commercial or free escort advertisement sites.  We realize that there are times when there is a valid reason to mention another escort message board or listing site.  The Mods will permit 'casual references' or links to such boards / sites.  However, the Mods will have sole discretion to delete or edit a post that is deemed to be 'spam' for the purpose of gaining free advertising for that site. 

What kinds of references to other sites are permitted:
--- Links to reviews
--- Links to photos of available girls
--- Links to ads of girls NOT listed on this site.
--- Incidental reference within the context of an existing thread.
--- Links to forum posts if the information in that post is of general interest to our Members

Any poster who abuses the ability to mention other sites will face a consequence for that behavior.

What kinds of references to other sites are NOT permitted:--- Blatant advertising posts
--- References  that have little or no general interest to our Members.
--- Posts that seem 'manufactured' so as to have a link to another escort site.
--- Use of this site's Email or PM system to promote another site
--- Use of this site's Chat Room  to promote another site.



Outing is the publishing of information that can expose the true identity of someone - even themselves - for all to see.  There are many ways that someone can be outted and some situations are more flagrant or potentially damaging than others.  However, all forms of outing are serious and can lead to serious consequences for the person doing the outing. 

To protect our Members from others and themselves, the Mods will edit or delete any post that contains Member identifiable information.

Certain exceptions apply.  Escorts may choose to use their real names.  Some advertisers, including escort agency owners, may also choose to use their real name.  On matters relating to the outing of someone, the Mods have been instructed to be watchful for any incidents.


Posting Private Information in Public Areas

Any Member who knowingly posts private information in a public area will be subject to consequences.  Private information includes, but is not limited to;  login, passwords, phone numbers, photographs, 'secrets', embarrassing or harmful information, formulas, true-identities, and employment information.

Emails and PM's you have sent or received may not be published in any post unless you have the prior written consent of the author or recipient.  If you are not the author or recipient of an email or PM that is published, you need to have written permission from both parties.

Here, again the Mods will have discretion to decide what is private and what isn't. 


Your Personal Profile

Screen Names

Management has the right to disallow any screen name that is deemed to be problematic for any reason.  At present there is no restriction against having more than one screen name.  However, that may change at any time.


Here is a list of potential screen name issues:


--- Screen names that contain offensive language

--- Screen names that have the potential to harm someone

--- Screen names that are similar to other existing screen names so as to cause confusion.


Remedies include:


--- Asking the Member to pick a new name

--- Modifying the screen name so that it is compliant with the rules


Multiple Screen Names

Technological note: The rule below is borne out of a technological necessity.  It is impossible to tell with certainty in every case whether or not any two or more screen names belong to any one person. Comparing IP addresses is an imprecise way of determining this and 'cookies' can also be easily circumvented.  We are looking into various ways to address this issue.  The new CXA software will be better suited.


At the present time - and subject to change - Multiple Screen Names (MSN) are strongly discouraged but permitted under most circumstances.  We reserve the right to delete MSN's or alert the posting public of the online identity of a person using MSN's if the situation warrants.  In general we will NOT prohibit or otherwise interfere with MSN's UNLESS there is - in the judgment of the Mods - a reason to do so.


Examples of situations where a MSN may be deleted or exposed:


--- Threats, flames or some other serious rules infraction that is in some way connected to the MSN.

--- Posting under MSN's in such a way as to create or compound problems for management or other Members.

--- Posting under MSN's in such a way as to intentionally deceive management or other Members on matters of some importance.  In other words, some 'kidding around' will be allowed.


Avatars, Signature Lines and Images

Please keep any images in your Signature line to a height of no more than 200 Pixels (Approximately 2 1/2 inches on the screen)


Management  reserves the right to delete, edit or request change of any signature line, Image, or avatar.

As a general rule, we will be very permissive.  But we need to be able to deal with the inevitable excess that will occur.


Canceling a Member Registration

We will not cancel or delete a screen-name unless there is a MAJOR EMERGENCY.



The Mods have full authority to determine what action to take when a rule is broken.  The Mods can simply send a warning to the offender or they can impose a permanent ban, or anything in between.


Some rules are more serious than others.  Some infractions are more serious than others.  Some people are bigger problems than others.  When a mod determines a consequence in a particular situation he / she will use their judgment and set out a consequence that is commensurate with the infraction taking into consideration the posting history of the offender and the totality of the situation.


Escorts or advertisers that violate any of the rules may forfeit their ad privileges. 


In general, warnings will be sent before any serious consequence is imposed.


The Mods will be as fair as possible in the application of consequences.  We considered the possibility of having 'sentencing guidelines' where we spell out the consequences for specific infractions.  We may ultimately do that, but for now we'll just leave it up to the Mods.