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IndependentGirls.com is the biggest and best escort site in South Florida.  Listed below are some guidelines and rules to help you make the most of your experience here on "Indi"

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact MODERATOR or ADMIN

Thank you, and welcome aboard.

Indi Staff

NOTE:  Check back periodically.  This page will be updated frequently over the next few weeks


When you registered you were asked if you were a female escort / rub girl looking to advertise here.  We then updated your account to LADIES IN WAITING.  It may take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours for your account to be updated to LIW.  Be patient.  The LIW group assignment is a temporary thing. 

All new girls must make their first three posts in the NEW GIRLS section of the SOUTH FLORIDA forum.     The NEW GIRLS section and the TEST POST section are the only places you can post.

New girls can make one ad in 24 hours.  After your third ad, you will automatically be updated to the LADIES group and then you’ll have full access to the site.

All ads must follow the rules below.  Ads that violate any of the rules will be deleted and not count toward your post count.   After you place your third ad, you may post in the regular ad section the following day.



All escorts and rub girls that advertise here must publish their rates in every ad.

You are free to advertise whatever rate you wish.  Just make sure that all of your ads contain a NON-VIP and a VIP rate




Requiring you to offer the VIP discount is in essence how you pay for the privilege of posting ads on this site.

The VIP / HR membership fees support this site.  For many guys the VIP DISCOUNT is the main reason they joined the VIP CLUB.  For this reason we insist that the rate you offer the VIP / HR be the BEST RATE you advertise on any site.

Let's say you advertise here with a NON-VIP rate of $250 and a VIP rate of $200.  If you have your own website and/or advertise on any other escort sites you need to publish the $250 rate on those sites.   If you were to offer a lower rate to people visiting those sites it would be unfair to the guys here that pay for a VIP/HR Membership.

Girls who violate this requirement and “play games” with their advertised rates in order to avoid giving the VIP discount usually don’t get away with it for long.  You can be certain that someone will figure it out and then you risk being banned from advertising here.



Go to whichever forum you wish to post in. Your first three posts will be in the Ladies in Waiting section, so this tutorial will deal with that section. The concepts are the same in all other posting sections.

In the forum menu, click: Escort Ads; Ads by NEW Girls in the Ladies in Waiting group; then either South Florida Ladies in Waiting or All Other Cities.




Click the button labeled: START NEW TOPIC.


Type in a topic title

On the line below the topic is a space for the topic description (optional).

In the Topic box, type in the text for your ad. Remember to follow all the rules identified above, and please do not forget your rates, your phone number and any other pertinent information.

It’s a good idea to look at several ads by other girls in order to get a sense as to what kinds of ads work well in Indi.




There are two ways to get a picture into your posts.

1 -- Link to a website where your picture is already uploaded.  This can be another escort site.  It can be one of the free picture hosting sites like photobucket.com.  It can be your GALLERY photos on this site (recommended) The GALLERY is available to you when you are updated to the LADIES group after you make your first three posts.

2 - You can upload a picture from your computer directly into your ad. 



In the Topic box described above, you can insert pictures into your ad. To do so, click the Insert Image button. This is two buttons to the right of the Smiley face button and located under the Size drop down menu.

Once you click the button, a pop up box will appear. Copy the URL (www.example.com/example.jpg) into the box. Then click the Insert Image button. Your picture will now appear in the Topic box.




At the bottom of the POST NEW TOPIC pace is a section where you can attach photos to your ad

Simply click the button and then locate your file.  It's pretty simple.



NOTE:  Make sure your photos aren't too big ... or too small ... in terms of the pixels.

If any one picture is larger than 100K then it is likely too big.

You can have a total of 500K of pictures in any one ad.

200 x 300 pixels is about the smallest a picture should be.

600 x 800 pixels is about the largest a picture should be.



Most people set their digital cameras to take very large (megapixel) images. 

These pictures are HUGE for a website and need to be shrunk before they can be used.

Set your cameras to a lower setting if you're taking pics that will be uploaded.

There are several methods to reduce the size of your pictures.  Most cameras come with software to do this.

There are many places to go to download software.






  • All photos must be an accurate representation of how you look now.

  • You can blur your face either digitally or with a hat or some other method.

  • Every ad must have at least one well lit, full length picture  .. front, back or side.  You can have more than one.

  • Make sure your pictures are sized properly.  The minimum width for a portrait oriented photo should be 200 pixels.  The minimum height should be 300 pixels

  • Of course you want to post good, flattering pictures.  That’s fine.  Just don’t go overboard

  • Pictures may be topless, but please use discretion when posting pictures without your bottoms on. Tasteful bottomless photos are allowed.


  • Don’t use pictures of someone other than yourself

  • Don’t use pictures that were taken more than one year ago

  • Don’t use heavily airbrushed or “Photoshopped” pictures .. The exception is if you have tattoos that are distinctive and you don’t want them shown in your pictures.

  • Don’t use pictures with your genitals showing

  • Don’t use “artsy” pictures that show only a small portion of you. 

  • Don’t use cellphone self-portraits.  Get some real pictures taken.



You can post a link to your website or to your reviews by clicking the Insert Link button. This is located between the Smiley button and the Insert Image button.

When you click it, a pop up box will appear. Copy the URL into the top line. In the bottom line, write what you want to appear as the link. For example, you can type: My reviews. Click on Insert Link button. The link will appear in your ad.



Words, phrases and abbreviations such as BBBJ,  Greek, multiple cups, French lessons, squirters, etc. are no longer allowed.   Ads containing these acronyms/words will be DELETED.

Please post discretely.  Feel free to have fun and be creative.   Your ad should reflect your offer of companionship not sex acts. These rules are designed to help protect you and the members of the site.



After your initial three ads in the Ladies in Waiting section (posted once per 24 hours), you are permitted to put three ads per day in the regular ad section. These ads must be at least eight hours apart.



You can tell is a guy is a VIP or HR by looking at his member screen. There should be a graphic indicating their status, and their Group listing should reflect the status.

If you have their phone number,  you can check to see if it’s on the VIP/HR list by clicking here.


The Ladies Forum is for ladies who post their own independent ads. This forum is vital to maintaining your safety. Ladies post information about their clients, usually negative reports. But, lots of positive information gets posted there as well.

If you cannot find information on a particular guy, you can ask. The ladies generally try to help each other out.



You should never give your password out or allow others to post for you. If evidence surfaces that you provided information or access to anyone else, your status will change, and you will no longer be allowed to participate in this important forum.

Do not use clients computers if you can avoid it.  If you do log in on someone else's machine, make sure you LOG OUT when you’re done.

Double-check to see if your caller ID shows up with your real name when you call people.  If it does, you can usually change it by contacting your phone company.

When posting an incall location, be general.  Do not give specific addresses or names of the hotel / motel

It is always recommended to have two cellphones.  One for work and one for everything else.


Many ladies, use a “buddy system”, where they tell one other lady where they will be and for how long. You can use the same approach with a friend from the board, a friend from your private life or anyone else.


There are several smart phone applications that allow you to send an alert if you are in danger. You can send a GPS location and a help message to whoever you program the alert to go out to. If you do not have a smart phone, you can draft a text and have it ready in case of emergency. You would have to update it every time you go to a new location, but it will make it quicker for you to reach out for help in the event you need it.



General posting rules are made available at here.

Below, please find some general and updated rules that can guide you through your time on the board.



Once you have been updated to the LADIES GROUP you will have access to the GALLERY.  You can use the GALLERY as your online photo album.  You can create public and/or private albums.  There is no limit to the number of pictures you upload.

Whenever someone adds new pictures to the GALLERY the board software automatically puts the picture on the main index page.  This gives a picture a lot of exposure.

To prevent girls from abusing this we have instituted a few rules about posting pictures in the GALLERY

You can post a maximum of THREE PICTURES A DAY.  These must all be posted at the same time.

Post each picture to the gallery only once.
Do not delete your photos from the gallery and repost them.
If you post multiple copies of the same picture, your gallery access may be disabled.




A signature is the text and pics that appear at the bottom of each post.  It is not required to have a signature, but it’s a good idea, especially for the girls.

You can put links to your personal website or your reviews.  You can place a couple of small pictures or some other artwork.

The graphics are to be no more than 200x200, and excessive blocks of texts (more than 5-6 lines) are not permitted. This is to help mobile users who access the site through phones, ipods, and other similar smart devices.